FieldMax Diesel Protection®

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Product Description

Formulated by MEG Corp specifically for agricultural use. This is the ONLY fuel additive you will ever need for Trouble Free Fuel Operation in every season. One additive treats any diesel fuel in any season under any condition making FieldMax Diesel Protection the easiest, most effective all season fuel protection you can use.

Treat Rate: 1 gallon of FieldMax Diesel Protection treats 1000 gallons of diesel fuel

Product Benefits
  • Year Round Performance to Safeguard Your Capital Investment
  • Protection Against the Most Common Fuel Quality Issues
  • Biocide to Eliminate Microbial Growth in your Fuel Tanks
  • Stabilizer Protects Fuel by Preventing Oxidation to Insure Longer Shelf Life and Stop Fuel Degradation
  • Reduces or delays thermal oxidation, the leading cause of black filters which can lead to filter plugging
  • De-icer to Prevent Fuel Line Freeze Up
  • Cold Flow Improvers Perform Equal to or Better than using 30% No. 1 Diesel
  • WASA prevents Wax Crystals from Dropping and Plugging Fuel Filters
  • Formulated for ULSD and Biodiesel Blends up to 20%

Trouble Free Fuel Operation in Every Season
  • Fall – Guarantee a trouble free harvest. Assure cold weather operability when temperatures dip below freezing.
  • Winter – Protect your fuel stability for winter storage. Avoid wax crystals from dropping to the bottom of your tank.
  • Spring – Be ready for planting season as soon as the weather allows. You will have the peace of mind that the fuel in your vehicles and storage tanks is ready to get the job done.
  • Summer – Protect your fuel stability and eliminate the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth that can emerge during the hot summer months.