MEG PS Alpha

MEG PS Alpha

MEG PS Alpha is specifically formulated for use in all types of diesel fuel including heating oil, biodiesel blends and especially Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). This additive contains less than 15 ppm sulfur, meeting the EPA requirements for use with ULSD.

  • MEG PS Alpha contains 3 times the detergency needed to achieve a “Superior” rating in Cummins L-10 Engine Test giving you one tank clean up
  • Exceeds limits in Peugeot XUD-9 Engine Test
  • Exceeds limits in Volkswagen TDI Engine Test
  • Cleans dirty fuel injectors
  • Maintains proper fuel spray pattern to avoid incomplete combustion.  Resulting benefits include reduced emissions and enhanced fuel economy up to 7.7%

  • MEG PS Alpha contains 5 times more stabilizer than most of our competition
  • Improves storage life by 2-3 times as long without additives by preventing the formation of gums
  • Eliminates or delays thermal oxidation to prevent filter plugging

  • Reduces black smoke by up to 93%
  • Decreases NOx, HC, CO, and PM

Corrosion/Rust Inhibition
  • Prevents corrosion of fuel storage tanks and vehicle tanks
  • Protects injectors and fuel systems from corrosion and rust formation
  • Prolongs fuel equipment life

Water Tolerance
  • Helps shed water and reduces potential problems caused by wet fuel
  • Promotes rapid separation of suspended water, which reduces the potential of filter plugging caused by entrained water in fuel

  • Exceeds lubricity standard in ASTM D975 and EMA premium diesel requirement
  • Reduces friction in engine parts
  • Provides protection against accelerated wear
  • Prolongs fuel system equipment life

TREAT RATE: 1 gallon of MEG PS Alpha treats 3000 gallons of diesel fuel