MEG PW1000

MEG PW1000 is specifically formulated for use in all types of diesel including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel blends. This additive contains less than 15 ppm sulfur, meeting the EPA requirements for use with ULSD. Our combination of WASA, Cold Flow Improvers and De-icer added to our premium fuel additive package will provide cold weather protection without sacrificing fuel economy.

Treat Rate: 1 gallon of MEG PW1000 treats 1000 gallons of diesel fuel

WASA-Wax Anti-Settling Agent
  • Wax modifier inhibits the attachment of wax molecules to each other preventing the formation of larger wax compounds that can plug fuel filters
  • WASA helps keeps the wax crystals small and suspended so that they flow through fuel system rather than plugging filters

Cold Flow Improvers
  • MEG PW1000 will improve operability of fuel to 20 degrees below the cloud point
  • Equal to or better than using 30% No. 1 diesel – save money without sacrificing fuel economy

  • Prevents water in fuel from forming ice crystals which leads to plugged fuel filters
  • MEG PW1000 is glycol based, performs the same as jet fuel de-icer and contains no alcohol

  • Reduces or delays thermal oxidation, the leading cause of black filters which can lead to filter plugging
  • MEG PW1000 provides the detergency needed to achieve a “clean up” rating in the DW10 Standard Injector Coking Test
  • Keeps injectors clean and maintains proper fuel spray pattern to avoid incomplete combustion

  • MEG PW1000 contains 5 times more stabilizer than most of our competitors
  • Improves storage life by 2-3 times as long without additives by preventing the formation of gums
  • Reduces or delays thermal oxidation to prevent filter plugging

  • Reduces black smoke by up to 93%, Decreases NOx, HC, CO, and PM

Corrosion/Rust Inhibition
  • Prolongs fuel system life by preventing corrosion and rust of fuel injectors and fuel tanks

  • Exceeds lubricity standard in ASTM D975 and EMA premium diesel requirement